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Christopher Galvin '72

"Representing the Rugby Club in the Fairfield University Athletic Hall of Fame is an honor which is, besides my family, the thing I am most proud of in my life."

Inducted in 1991, Christopher Galvin was the first club rugby player to attain Fairfield University Athletic Hall of Fame honors. A great scorer and assist-man in each of his four seasons (1968-1972), he played inside center and fly half positions. Chris served as captain and player-coach in 1971 and 1972. A leader and teacher of his teammates and fellow students, he was a three-year starter on the A -team, winning the Doug Ciacci Award in 1972. In that same year, Chris was the Fairfield University Alumni Association Club Athlete Award winner. He was elected by former rugby players to the club's Hall of Honor in 1988.

One of the founders and current board member of Friends of Fairfield Rugby, Chris is a retired high school teacher. He currently owns a videography business - www.weallhavestories.com. He is married to Mary Jane Dorrian -'75 and they have three children: Dorrian, Brendan, and Timothy.


Professor Paul I Davis

PID made countless contributions to the rugby club and Fairfield athletics, including his involvement from the inception of the club in 1963 to his appointment as moderator from 1968 through 1989. From the beginning, he valued and supported the club's philosophy: to emphasize teamwork over individual startdom, contribution more than victory, and loyalty to the club and each other.

PID was more than a believer in this philosophy; he was its chief caretaker and #1 proponent. While he respectfully allowed the club to conduct its day-to-day operations independently, he was always available to convey the "big picture" to the team, keeping alive its rich history and ensuring its future for years to come. As club moderator, he established a selection process for who would play in each game based on a scoring system of what is known as the "three A's" – attendance, attitude and ability – and this system is still in use.

He played an integral role if Fairfield athletics, but was also a supportive faculty member in the history department. PID was inducted into the Hall of Fame in the rugby club's 40th anniversary year.


William Connolly '69

"I know that this honor is not mine as much as it is that of the Fairfield Rugby Football Club’s.  I am tonight representing 50 years of rugby history, and perhaps even more specifically a very select group of men.  All of us in the Fairfield rugby community know that there are more deserving men and women for this individual honor and we believe as surely as I am standing here this evening that those deserving players will soon be recognized."
- From Bill's HOF acceptance speech, April 26, 2013.

Read Bill's remarks in their entirety here.

A four-year member of the Fairfield University Rugby Football Club, William H. Connolly helped mold the program into one of the top clubs in the college ranks. On the field, Connolly helped lead the Rugby Club to one of its best years in school history when the 1968-69 edition posted a 12-3-1 record that included wins over Villanova and Holy Cross.

He served the as the team’s president that year, one year removed from being the team treasurer in 1967-68. It was during his term as club president that he made his mark by organizing the dedication of Lt. Hans Grauert Memorial Field, the first collegiate field in the country that was dedicated to the sport of rugby.

Connolly remained active in the sport after he left his alma mater, founding the Essex Rugby Club in 1970. As he did at Fairfield, Connolly not only played but was the key administrator to the club, serving the organization as its president. Under his guidance, the team captured the New York Met Union championship in 1976 by posting an undefeated season. He would go on to coach the New York Met Union select team from 1977-83, which included a tour of England.

Connolly remained active with Fairfield University, serving as chairman of the Fairfield University President’s Circle and a Trustee from 1992-98. He remains active with the rugby club as the secretary and founding member of the Friends of Fairfield Rugby

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